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Xinhua news agency, Nanjing, October 28, new media special telegram, 27, the diameter of the mandrel of the software and integrated circuit promotion center of the Ministry of industry and information technology should be 2.5 times the diameter of the steel bar The experimental report is different: the digital display can only simply display the experimental number, speed, force value, displacement, peak level simple curve, etc. the unveiling ceremony of the industrial automation and intelligent control industry education integration training platform jointly built by Suzhou Vocational University and Suzhou vantes measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

Qudawei, deputy director of the software promotion center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that this is the first relatively perfect automatic control teaching production line in China, creating a new vocational education model and forming a human resource construction pattern that meets the development needs of the manufacturing industry

he pointed out that in the next few years, promoting talent interaction, encouraging and guiding enterprises and colleges to carry out the training of practical talents will be one of the focuses of the national information technology talent training project

Wang Jianjun, deputy director of the Higher Education Department of Jiangsu Provincial Department of education, said that in 2016, in order to implement the spirit of documents such as the decision of the State Council on accelerating the development of modern vocational education and the action plan for the innovative development of Higher Vocational Education (2015, 2018) of the Ministry of education, Jiangsu Province launched the 13th five year plan to build a training platform for the deep integration of industry and education in higher vocational education, aiming to support the in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises and deepen the integration of industry and education. In this context, the software promotion center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Suzhou Vocational University and vantes jointly build an industry education integration platform, which has a broad cooperation prospect

at the unveiling ceremony of the same product on that day, the nite blogger of the national information shortage talent training project jointly built by the above three parties? Versace Institute of automation was officially established

caoyumin, President of Suzhou Vocational University, said that the joint construction of colleges and training testing machines, as well as a digital display platform, is a new cooperation mode to focus on the needs of intelligent manufacturing talent training brought about by the transformation and upgrading of Suzhou and even the national manufacturing industry, give full play to the resource advantages of government, administration, schools and enterprises, promote the development of regional economy and industry, and build a talent training community. It is to jointly promote education and industry A new exploration of close economic integration and deep integration

caizhimin, general manager of Suzhou vantes measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd., an enterprise of tripartite cooperation, believes that for a long time, the goal of higher vocational talent training in China is to cultivate rigid talents for specific skilled positions. With the proposal of made in China 2025, higher vocational education should change to cultivate flexible and adaptable technical skilled talents with basic literacy, migration ability and sustainable development ability. The establishment of the training platform is based on the positive exploration in this direction

the cooperation between Suzhou Vocational University and Suzhou vantes measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. began at the end of 2014. From the initial post internship, it has gradually expanded to the joint construction of training rooms, joint talent training and joint construction of enterprise colleges. It has developed from a single cooperation to a deep integration

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