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The first award-winning survey of automation software was successfully concluded

in order to deeply understand the development level of domestic automation software, grasp the scale of domestic automation software market, better understand customers' needs for automation software, and meet users' growing needs for software performance, Zijinqiao Software Technology Co., Ltd. joined hands with China industrial control, control engineering, China industrial control, China low voltage electrical appliances Electric automation and other multimedia jointly organized and held the first (2007) award-winning survey of the configuration software market, which was "welcome to the Olympic Games and win the Fuwa"

the investigation began on September 10, 2007 and ended on January 10, 2008. It lasted for four months, and ended at 16 o'clock yesterday. According to the statistics of major media professional portals and official summary data, the tariff measures for users who effectively participated in the survey took effect on March 23, with a total of more than 6400 people, and more than 120000 people clicked on the activity. The activity covers almost all industries in the automation field, such as steel, petrochemical, building, environmental protection, mining and so on

this award-winning survey of automation software is the first time in the industry to take the development of automation software as the background of the survey on such a large scale, and has more than 6000 audiences participating in the activity. The number of people participating in the activity only through the Chinese industrial control platform is close to 2000. The breadth of the survey is also higher than that of other market research activities in the same industry. The data analysis of the survey will also be published in the near future, providing data for the development of China's automation industry, and the seasonal off-season basis

as Zijinqiao company is summarizing and analyzing the survey data, the winners of the lucky award and various awards will be announced recently. Please look forward to the official Zijinqiao software station and the main stations

-- Zijinqiao software marketing department, January 11, 2008

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