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The first bamboo pulp and paper integration project in China started recently, the first demonstration project of bamboo pulp and paper integration approved by the State Council - the project of using traditional technology to produce 200000 tons of bamboo pulp and paper in northern Guizhou, the engineering material preparation and stockyard bid section of which was officially started in Guizhou Chitianhua group company

according to the introduction, the total investment of the project is 3.1 billion yuan, which will realize clean process production and zero pollution emission. The product name MVM ⑴ h material friction and wear tester is expected to be put into production in the second half of 2007. At that time, 1million tons of fresh bamboo will be cut every year, and 1700 tons of air dried pieces will be provided every day

Serious quality accidents such as cracking and falling off of the veneer will occur in the external insulation thin plastering system of the external wall

information source: China green times

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