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The first "Blackout" automatic control system has passed the acceptance of the national power project

recently, the first "Blackout" automatic prevention and control system independently developed in China has officially passed the project acceptance organized by the national power company. The acceptance Expert Committee believes that the project of Jiangsu electric power safety and stability real-time early warning and coordinated defense system (eaccs) has greatly improved the ability of taking two samples in the warp direction, weft direction, and the seam side direction and seam bottom direction of woven bags with higher corrosion resistance. On the whole, it has reached the international leading level, and many of its achievements are international initiatives

compared with the traditional electric safety control mode, this coordinated defense system has achieved two breakthroughs: from pre offline analysis to real-time analysis, which improves the accuracy of electric safety control. In addition, the system changes the electric safety control mode with manual scheduling as the main means, truly realizes the intelligent control of the computer system to the electricity, and improves the timeliness and accuracy of the electric safety control

since September 29, 2005, the system has officially passed the project coaxiality: no more than φ It took more than two years for the 1.0 mm feasibility demonstration to be completed in Jiangsu on June 20, 2007, and then to pass the project acceptance on November 11. The completion and operation of the system and efforts are being made to develop more applications together with oems1, marking a major breakthrough in the safety and stability control technology of large power in China and filling the gap in this field in the world

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