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Improve the overall level of plastic products for food with the access system

at present, the raw materials imported by some formal enterprises or produced by large domestic enterprises meet the requirements of the national standard for raw materials for food packaging. However, in order to reduce costs, some small enterprises (such as family workshop enterprises) artificially reduce the grade of raw materials, do not strictly control the product quality in accordance with national standards in production, use industrial raw materials, additives and additives that do not meet the requirements of the standards, and even use recycled materials for processing and production, resulting in product health physical and chemical indicators such as evaporation residue, which will not cause harmful substances such as pseudostructured heavy metals to seriously exceed the standard. According to the general rules for the production license of food packaging, containers, tools and other products, the source and destination of raw materials must have a clear account, and the source and performance of raw materials, additives and auxiliary materials of products should be reflected from the product account, and the destination of defective products and waste products should also be made clear, so as to prevent some illegal enterprises from making an issue of raw materials

the implementation of the market access system will prompt food packaging enterprises to reshuffle their brands. Its fate: 1/3 of the enterprises are easy to pass the QS audit because of their sound management system and qualified product quality. This part is basically a large enterprise; One third of the company has obtained the polypropylene (PP) honeycomb material production technology license. Due to the imperfect management system and the sometimes good and sometimes bad product quality, the enterprise is facing rectification, and its management cost will increase; One third of the enterprises will face the fate of being eliminated due to their chaotic management, backward technology and unstable product quality. Even if they are rectified, they will be difficult to pass the QS audit

the implementation of the system of taking more complex parameters for market access will fundamentally improve the overall level of plastic products for food. Therefore, food packaging related enterprises should attach great importance to the access system, actively invest in accordance with the requirements, and improve the software and hardware facilities as soon as possible, that is, 400MPa

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