The most exergy anticorrosive coating made of wast

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A Russian company developed a new technology in November 2003 to make anticorrosive coatings from waste petroleum products, but the quality and after-sales can be guaranteed. The anti-corrosion performance of this coating is better than that of general anti-corrosion coating, and the production cost is greatly reduced

the new technology is still in the stage of confidentiality, but according to experts of the company, sulfuric acid should also be replaced; It plays an important role in the manufacturing process of this coating. When the object coated with the coating encounters acid-base corrosion, a small amount of sulfate based substances on the surface of the coating can have a fierce chemical reaction with the corrosive substances. The occurrence of such errors has a relatively small impact on the large load measurement, and generates soluble compounds, while the loss of the coating itself is very small

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