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Using heat measurement technology to achieve energy conservation management in digital communities

recently, Linyi Meiao garden installed Tongfang combined cold and heat meters and remote intelligent meter reading system. After careful design and implementation, the project passed the formal acceptance of Luohu Meiao Garden property management company and was delivered for use on September 5, 2007. After delivery, the system maintenance of the product is the responsibility of a special person from the Tongfang regional customer service center, who can open it at any time in the future according to the needs of users and re analyze the experimental data to ensure the normal operation of the system. The garden like community of America and Australia will truly become a three-star digital community with intelligent energy-saving management

Linyi Meiao garden is a large high-end community carefully built by Luohu group, with a total planned construction area of more than 300000 square meters. The community includes single family villas, conjoined villas, high-end apartments and other buildings. Located at the intersection of Yihe road and Jincheng Road in Linyi City, it is a large and high-end Garden community in Linyi city

according to the technical personnel of Tongfang digital city energy saving technology company, the design functions of the meter reading system used in the project mainly include water meters, electricity meters and heat meters. By adopting ordinary lead screws and trapezoidal lead screws, the accuracy required by flexible packaging can be achieved. The charging management and the control of each household's water supply and heating system can be achieved. The collection and control points of meters and control valves reach more than 15000 points, which are mainly used for the measurement and charging management of water, electricity and heating heat in the property management of American Australian Garden, as well as the energy-saving control management and the maintenance management of metering equipment. Because the house type of the project is complex and particularly scattered, in order to reduce the cost and difficulty of network wiring, pulse, RS485 bus, power carrier and wireless integrated channel group system are adopted, which completely solves the problems of unstable reading rate and poor anti-interference ability of power carrier and wireless meter reading system

this project is the pilot project with the largest scale of household metering and charging with heat meters since Linyi began to promote household metering and charging of heating since the crisis of excess capacity was the most serious at the beginning of the year. Based on years of experience and technology accumulation in the field of HVAC, Tongfang has been designated as an energy-saving promotion product of the State Economic and Trade Commission, and has obtained the technical appraisal certificate of the Ministry of construction and the CMC certification of the State Bureau of quality and technical supervision

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