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Using innovative technology to create good products, the success of Lake Electric

the traditional manufacturing industry has been unable to meet the development of society. Independent innovation is the fresh blood flowing in our social economy nowadays. Excellent enterprises are essentially driven by product innovation, because this is the road of sustainable development. Among them, the most representative is the famous lake electric

up to now, as a leading brand in the global environmental cleaning industry, the composition of Lake electric hydraulic universal material testing machine has been in the cleaning industry for 25 years. In these 25 years, the company has won countless honors and awards, and its overall activity is generally no better than lake. Instead, it pays more attention to brand building and technological innovation, The most famous is the vacuum cleaner high-speed micro motor and centrifugal fan technology independently developed by lake. Since 1997, Lake hopes to help you. The company has invested hundreds of millions of yuan, introduced several high-speed commutator motor automation production lines, firmly mastered the core technology of vacuum cleaner products, and is at the forefront of the industry

it can be said that lake company has overturned people's traditional concept of cleaning household appliances, and let everyone know that the original cleaning can be so simple. High quality products and the considerate after-sales service of measuring the gauge length Lu after fracture and the minimum diameter Du at the necking respectively have made lake vacuum cleaners sell well in many countries and regions around the world, leading the global sales for 10 consecutive years, and is known as the global vacuum cleaner expert, Mr. nizugen, chairman of lake company, described the innovation of lake company in this way. He said: there are two kinds of innovation: one is disruptive innovation, which emphasizes the originality of products, and the other is improved innovation, which pays more attention to the performance and efficiency of products. Lake company always integrates the two kinds of innovation into the research and development of products. Take our Mojie series vacuum cleaners for example, Whether it is to improve the efficiency of the motor or pay attention to the innovative brush head design, the ultimate goal is to make cleaning easier

there is no best, only better. For lake, independent innovation has never been a simple talk. Putting such slogans into practice and creating good products for users is the highest goal of the enterprise. It is precisely because of such a bold and excellent enterprise that our social productivity will be further improved and the enthusiasm for independent research and development in the industry will be higher

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