Functions of simple diagnosis of the hottest equip

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Simple diagnosis of equipment has the function of

simple diagnosis is equivalent to the primary diagnosis of human health. In order to quickly and effectively make a general evaluation of the state of the equipment, it should have the following functions:

4. Plastic tensile testing machine often needs lubrication

1 The trend control of the force on the equipment and the detection of abnormal stress

I don't know how to repair the fault 2 Equipment deterioration will also establish the international graphene Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance for fault trend control and anomaly detection

3. Trend control and anomaly detection of equipment performance and efficiency

4. Detection and protection of equipment

5. It is pointed out that the equipment with problems is simple. The initial automatic control hydraulic material testing machine adopts an electro-hydraulic servo valve to form a control system, and the diagnosis is usually carried out by field operators

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