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Zoomlion mixing station Yangwei South American Super port ASU port

Zoomlion mixing station Yangwei South American Super port ASU port

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recently, Zoomlion concrete mixing station participated in the construction of ASU port, the largest port in South America. In the process of on-site construction, the performance of Zoomlion mixing plant has greatly exceeded the customer's expectations. At present, the installation of the second mixing plant has begun, and the customer said that he would add subsequent orders

in October 2013, a large concrete supplier in Brazil purchased a set of 120 commercial mixing stations from Zoomlion, and this year participated in the construction of the largest port under construction in South America - port assu. The port ASU super port under construction is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with an area equivalent to 12000 football fields after completion; Organizing many very simple building blocks 1 in a special way can really achieve impressive mechanical properties. The result is small, so its nickname is to connect the strain gauge into the measuring circuit, which is called "the highway to China". Through it, China and Brazil can trade soybeans, oil and other resources necessary for the economic development of the two countries more quickly. In the past few years, the construction progress of the port has seriously lagged behind, and local concrete manufacturers have begun to try to introduce efficient concrete equipment. In this context, Zoomlion's mixing plant participated in the construction of the port

Zoomlion mixing plant construction site

during the construction process, the performance advantages and good after-sales service of Zoomlion concrete equipment have been affirmed by overseas customers. Since the Zoomlion mixing plant was put into use, several other international brand mixing plants have been shut down in succession, because the workload that used to be completed by several stations can now be completed efficiently by only one station of Zoomlion mixing plant, and the failure rate is very low. In this regard, the customer was full of praise, saying: "not only is the equipment efficient and easy to use, but also the service of Zoomlion is particularly good. From the beginning of equipment installation to the process of putting into use, engineers have been on-site guidance, which is very rare for a foreign manufacturer. I hope that more equipment of Zoomlion will enter Brazil in the future." For the praise of customers, Zoomlion assured customers: "in the future, it will develop more and more efficient products specifically for Brazil to inject new impetus into the bilateral relationship."

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