The hottest Zoomlion label sweeper enters Russia

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Zoomlion: China label road sweeper enters Russia

Guide: a few days ago, in the quiet and fresh Street Garden of Irkutsk, Russia, which is known as the heart of Siberia, Oriental Paris and the Pearl of Siberia, two small and exquisite road sweepers appeared. Wherever they pass by, they leave clean streets as new, they are

recently, in the quiet and fresh Street Garden in Irkutsk, Russia, known as the "heart of Siberia", "Paris in the East" and "Pearl of Siberia", two small and exquisite road sweepers appeared. Wherever they passed, they left clean streets as new. They were two shz18a road sweepers from Zoomlion, which had compact structure, elegant appearance and solid performance

the author learned an interesting story in this interview. On April 1st this year, "April Fool's Day", the overseas sales staff of Zoomlion received a letter from Irkutsk's customer. When the customer told him that he would win the bid for the branch to negotiate business that afternoon, the overseas sales staff made all preparations with skepticism. Unexpectedly, in the afternoon of that day, Irkutsk's guests not only came to win the bid, but also negotiated very smoothly, and signed the two road sweepers with the winning branch on the spot

special emphasis is placed on the comprehensive engineering ability. It is reported that these two products are the first small road sweeping machines sent to Russia by the bid winning branch. After a period of use and inspection, the good quality and timely and considerate after-sales service of the bid winning products have been praised by Russian customers who have eliminated the crisis. They said they would continue to buy in the near future. The winning branch will also send senior engineers to the local area for technical guidance and training at the end of the year, which is warmly welcomed by the Russian side

(source: Zoomlion)

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