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Zoomlion new generation excavator wisdom unveiled at 2018 Shanghai BMW exhibition

Zoomlion new generation excavator wisdom unveiled at 2018 Shanghai BMW exhibition

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on November 27, at the Shanghai BMW exhibition, the top event in the global construction machinery industry, the wisdom of G series new generation earth moving machinery products developed by Zoomlion earth moving machinery company appeared. The fully upgraded power system, the new structure control system, humanized design concept, intelligent interconnection, etc. comprehensively show the innovative achievements that Zoomlion earth moving machinery has made since the company implemented the "product 4.0" project, so that the axis of the test piece coincides with the pressure center of the pressure plate of the experimental machine

at the exhibition to repair the cracked screen, two G-Series crawler hydraulic excavators of Zoomlion earth moving machinery company, ze210glc and ze60g, demonstrated intelligent excavation on site to better demonstrate their performance, which continued to attract guests' praise. According to the introduction, the new generation G series crawler hydraulic excavator relies on the global product research and development platform and adheres to the three core product design concepts of comfortable driving experience, car maintenance experience and intelligent control operation, so as to bring customers a comprehensive product experience of energy efficiency, reliability and durability, intelligent operation, comfort and humanity, and convenient maintenance

intelligent interconnection is the core highlight of the new generation of G series excavators. Like all "4.0" products of Zoomlion, users can realize real-time monitoring of machine operation status through mobile intelligent device monitoring and management system. Users can easily manage all-round information such as fuel consumption, workload statistics, vehicle positioning, fleet management, etc. through the app

accuracy and efficiency are the significant advantages of the new generation of G series excavators. The power system of the product has been comprehensively upgraded to meet the higher requirements of construction for fuel consumption and efficiency, and can realize the optimal dynamic matching under different working conditions and modes, with fuel consumption reduced by 12% and efficiency increased by 10%; After long-term experimental assessment, the service life of the main working devices has reached 15000 hours, and the service life of the engine and hydraulic system has reached more than 15000 hours

the humanized design is fully reflected in G series products: the new driving space meets the ROPS and FOPS national safety standards, equipped with air suspension shock absorption seats, 7-inch touch screen, 2d/3d slope guidance control system, rear view camera, control panel integrated with CAN bus air conditioning, radio, USB, Bluetooth and other functions, which greatly improves the comfort, controllability and accuracy of drivers during construction. Sinusoidal signals are required to drive the dynamic load components to apply cyclic stress to the samples

in addition, the convenience of maintenance of this series of products has been qualitatively improved: maintenance and repair is a "one-stop" service, and all filter elements can be maintained on the ground. The centralized layout and distribution of maintenance points can shorten the maintenance time. The service life of special hydraulic oil is greatly extended, saving users more than 50% of the maintenance cost

Zoomlion has always been market-oriented, closely combined with customer needs, developed a new generation of G-Series earth moving machinery, with intelligent drive, so that construction operations are more efficient, equipment management is more convenient, and construction is better

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