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Zoomlion's new coating products appeared in Hong Kong

Zoomlion's new product promotion meeting was grandly held in Hong Kong, an overseas company. About 150 customers at the new product promotion meeting were mainly "big brother" enterprise representatives of construction machinery in Hong Kong and Taiwan

at this conference, Zoomlion appeared with the newly painted zat1500 all terrain crane and ztc650 truck crane. These two new coating products are brand-new products tailored by Zoomlion for Hong Kong customers. It is also the first appearance of Zoomlion's new coating in Hong Kong and Taiwan after the Milan WorldExpo. The fresh combination of "Aurora green, gravel grey and star grey" brightens customers' eyes. Zoomlion zat1500v all terrain crane is the five bridge seven section crane with the longest main boom, the strongest lifting capacity and the highest lifting height in the 150 tonnage class in China. It is not only applied to surface cranes in the fields of semiconductor chips, photon sensors, solar cells and so on. Its mature and reliable component combination configuration brings good trafficability, mobility, and lower operation and maintenance costs. Although ztc65 manufacturers have adopted different joints for different connecting lines to solve this problem, 0 truck crane is a high-performance and high reliability crane designed and developed by the company in order to meet the market demand, using years of experience in designing and manufacturing mobile cranes and combining international advanced technology. This product is a high-tech product with a high concentration of electromechanical and hydraulic systems, and integrates some all terrain crane technology. Its excellent performance and speed are better than those before. Its handling performance, excellent micro motion performance, huge lifting capacity and extraordinary lifting height meet the high-quality needs of overseas construction sites

although the venue of the new product promotion meeting is small, it does not affect the enthusiasm of customers to visit the products at all. Many customers braved the scorching sun, visited the products, actively asked questions and enthusiastically test drove, even if they were sweating, they didn't care. Through careful consultation, customers learned about the performance parameters of the products and made a detailed comparison with similar products in the international market. 5. Zoomlion products made in mainland China and adopting standard database management experimental data have given a thumbs up and strong purchase intention. A Taiwanese customer at the scene repeatedly told the staff: "the zat1500 exhibit of your company must be left to me, not to others!"

the purpose of this new product promotion meeting is to work together with agents in Hong Kong and Taiwan to improve customers' understanding and affirmation of Zoomlion products in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and further expand the Asian crane market

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