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Zoomlion launched as60 cut-off sugarcane harvester

Zoomlion launched as60 cut-off sugarcane harvester

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in recent years, Guangxi has strengthened the promotion of mechanization of sugarcane production. By the end of 2013, the comprehensive mechanization level of sugarcane cultivation and harvest in the region had reached 47%, but the sugarcane harvest still relies mainly on traditional human labor, and the machine yield is still less than 1%, It has become an obvious short leg of sugarcane mechanization

Zoomlion launched as60 cut-off sugarcane harvester

in order to cooperate with the formulation and implementation of the action plan for agricultural machinery and equipment made in China 2025, the Ministry of agriculture proposed in the deployment of this year's agricultural and rural economic key work that efforts should be made to break through the external protection of rape and cotton experimental machines, and the bottleneck of the whole process mechanization of sugarcane and other crop production. To this end, Zoomlion gathered first-class R & D teams at home and abroad, integrated global high-end supply chain resources, and launched as60 cut-off sugarcane harvester. Its birth broke the foreign monopoly situation, and a number of technical patents filled the domestic gap

high efficiency, easy and reliable intelligent operation

the gasket should be made of red copper or aluminum alloy. Zoomlion as60 sugarcane harvester is equipped with high-end special high-pressure common rail engine, with strong power; Beidou navigation integrated acreage meter control system is adopted, with high measurement accuracy; The whole system of the whole machine is controlled by software, and the fault diagnosis is intelligent; The fan speed ratio of cleaning system is adjustable, and the cleaning effect is better; The conveying channel adopts independent floating reducing technology, and the channel blockage automatically alarms and clears; Walking one button operation, steering is controlled by high-end steering wheel, and the operation is more comfortable

good applicability and easy to cope with harsh conditions

in view of the harsh working environment such as high slope, heavy rain and easy lodging in the main sugarcane production areas such as Guangxi, Zoomlion as60 sugarcane harvester adopts a number of patented designs, which greatly improves the adaptability of harvesting operations. The chassis adopts full floating rubber track, with low grounding ratio and strong trafficability; Unique double motor input teeth balance sugarcane segment cutting technology, with neat fracture; Adopt the auxiliary feeding system of double spiral rollers to adapt to the harvest of wide and narrow row operation; The rotary mechanical folding structure unloading device is adopted, which has good operation adaptability

combined with the actual needs of users, Zoomlion as60 sugarcane harvester has been continuously optimized and upgraded to achieve more efficient, more reliable, more applicable and other performance indicators. In this year's crushing season, Zoomlion's new sugarcane harvester has been fully put into operation in Guangxi and other major sugarcane producing areas by the end of 2015, and has been widely praised by users. Chen Xiaojian, a user from Guangxi Laibin bafanghao agricultural machinery professional cooperative, told: facing the aluminum lithium alloy with strong demand in the aviation industry, "our local sugarcane planting environment is relatively complex, and the performance of Zoomlion sugarcane harvester is good. Whether it is small hillside or lodging sugarcane, it can be harvested easily, and it does not affect the growth of sugarcane in the next year. I am very satisfied with the reliability."

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