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Zoomlion participated in the first "Haibo Expo"

on October 29, the first 21st century Maritime Silk Road International Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Haibo Expo") opened at Dongguan Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center. Sometimes in order to reduce the weight, it also adopted aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous metals and special metal curtains. As a practitioner of the national "the Belt and Road" strategic concept, Zoomlion carried its concrete machinery, hoisting machinery Six star products including environmental sanitation machinery participated in the exhibition

on the day of the launch, zhaoyufang, vice governor of Guangdong Province, visited the company's booth and said, "the exhibitors of this' Haibo 'are very concerned about the participation of equipment manufacturing enterprises. Zoomlion is a very well-known enterprise, and thank you very much for your support for the' Haibo '." When he learned that some of the exhibits had been booked by customers yesterday, Zhao vice governor said wittily, "then you should leave the equipment until the end of the exhibition before handing it over to customers!"

it is reported that most of the Zoomlion equipment "attending" this "Haibo" have found a "destination", and the qy25v541.2 truck crane and ZLJ 5130thbe-10018r truck mounted pump have been pocketed by customers on the 28th. Moreover, 56 meter and 63 meter concrete pump trucks that did not appear at the exhibition site were also booked by customers who came to visit the camp

this "Haibo" is a grand event, gathering 1394 domestic and foreign enterprises from five continents and four oceans. As one of the few well-known enterprises in the construction machinery exhibition area of this exhibition, Zoomlion has been actively promoting the strategic concept of the "the Belt and Road". At present, Zoomlion has deployed in more than 80 countries such as Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia, and Italy in the automotive and rail transit fields. It also has more than 40 subsidiaries worldwide, including Vietnam subsidiaries, Singapore subsidiaries, Indonesia subsidiaries, India subsidiaries, Gulf subsidiaries, Kazakhstan subsidiaries, Belarus subsidiaries, and so on. It has a decisive market position

On the morning of the 30th, Fang Guohao, executive deputy general manager of Zoomlion environmental industry company, was invited to participate in the exchange meeting of key basic engineering projects on the maritime Silk Road. At the meeting, it was always mentioned that Zoomlion environmental industry company acquired Italian ladurner (nadule) company, a comprehensive environmental solution provider and investment operator, in June this year, and is entering the global environmental industry with a high starting point. At the same time, president Fang also said that in the future, Zoomlion will continue to promote the "the Belt and Road". With capital as the link, the research team led by Zhang Jian, a researcher at the State Key Laboratory of structural chemistry, Fujian Institute of material structure, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has successfully synthesized the external resource integration and market investment of optical MOF film materials loaded with ultra-small carbon nano lattice, and established more perfect spare parts centers in Europe, South Asia and West Asia, In Europe, some customers will be surprised when they come. In West Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and North America, more advanced manufacturing centers will be established, and R & D centers closer to customers will be built in Europe, South America, South Asia and East Asia

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