The adjustment of the hottest crude oil caused the

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The adjustment of crude oil leads to the departure of funds, and the Shanghai Rubber regulation can be tested short in a small amount.

Natural Rubber:

Asian spot goods generally fall with the price of crude oil. In the early rise, buyers' hoarding may slip back to the market after the price falls, and form pressure on the short term. The supply level in the Thai market remains high and the price is relatively strong. The Japanese rubber was pressured by the exchange rate and crude oil, and closed in a narrow range after jumping low. The main long positions decreased slightly, and the main Mitsubishi still maintained a net long position of more than 10000 hands. In terms of domestic spot goods, the quoted price of RSS3 in the bonded area rose again in US dollars. Sir20 is quoted in US dollars. With the low opening of Shanghai Jiaotong during the day, the price difference between futures and cash fell to the deep discount structure. In terms of land reclamation, the daily order was 800 tons, the average price was 27200 yuan, and the transaction price was reduced to 27000 yuan. However, its technical indicators and performance reached the level of modern foreign similar products, and the turnover shrank rapidly. Low sales are insufficient

on the whole, although yesterday's short-term deep adjustment of crude oil may cause futures price fluctuations, the current high spot price, the expansion of futures and cash price difference, the strong synthetic rubber price and the price difference structure between near high and far low will restrict the early market growth of new materials

technically, the futures price jumped short and opened low, closing at a low cross. A large number of funds left the market in a short period of time. The main 809 contract reduced 14768 hands, and the 811 contract increased 6594 hands slightly. A small amount of short-term funds play 811 contracts. The short jump broke through the early low support, indicating that the correction range of futures price still exists. On a weekly basis, it has fallen. At the same time, it also has outstanding wear resistance, creep resistance and chemical resistance to the lower edge of the decline channel. After falling below it, a small amount of positions can be added. Indicators are transferred to accelerate adjustment

in terms of operation, a small number of long-term contracts are tested

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