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The advantages of the U.S. printing industry are gradually emerging

the analysis of Boston Consulting Company in the United States shows that China's wage level is increasing at an annual rate of 17%, and the shortage of skilled workers is very serious. By 2015, the labor wage rate in China may be about 30% lower than that in some manufacturing areas of the United States. At the same time, with the rising labor costs and energy prices in China, the long-distance transportation problems and the changes of market factors such as the requirements of enterprises for the speed of product listing, China's competitiveness will be weakened. Therefore, the force value of the weighing sensor has decreased sharply. Compared with the operating costs of Chinese and American enterprises, in the next five years, the advantages of the American manufacturing industry will gradually rise, and the American printing machine manufacturing industry will also usher in a period of rapid growth, from which the American Printing Industry may benefit

China's influence on American manufacturing cannot be underestimated, and some other emerging countries have also won a certain say in the international market. For example, Vietnam's labor cost is very low. The only drawback is that it does not have the logistics conditions required by large international companies; In addition, Mexico is also a large manufacturing country, but its development is also limited by various factors. These countries have made outstanding contributions to the global market, but as the market continues to mature, the United States will show stronger competitiveness except graphene

the number of cycles of stress or strain required to produce fatigue failure. With a large number of multinational enterprises setting their production bases in the United States, the market demand for product packaging will also increase sharply, which will undoubtedly drive the vigorous development of the local printing industry. In addition, modern manufacturing and logistics processes have high requirements for product packaging, which will also improve the technological level of the U.S. printing and packaging industry to a certain extent. Through practice, some multinational enterprises will eventually find that local production is the best way to serve the American market

as a branch of manufacturing industry, the printing machine manufacturing industry in the United States will also usher in a period of rapid growth in the future. Taking into account import tariffs, US dollar exchange rate, transportation costs and other factors, some printing enterprises that originally planned to introduce equipment from abroad now also choose to buy domestic products, which not only saves the transportation cost and installation time of equipment, but also stimulates domestic consumption, which can be described as two benefits

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