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The CCCC coking industry advanced control technology exchange meeting was successfully held

at 10:30 on December 2, the CCCC coking industry advanced control technology exchange meeting was held in Henan Pingdingshan Shenma Hotel, from China Pingmei Shenma Group Shoushan Coking Co., Ltd., China Pingmei Shenma Group environmental protection and energy conservation department A total of 16 experts and engineers from 9 user enterprises in the coking industry, including Henan Zhonghong Group Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhonghong group), attended the meeting. Zhonghong group, as the enterprise representative of the successful application of advanced control products in the coking industry, was invited to attend. At present, the optimization and control division of China Control Technology Corporation has arranged nine people to participate in the exchange meeting, including Ma Yuefeng, general manager of seven major petrochemical industrial bases, and Yuan Shuai, assistant general manager of service product sales department

at the meeting, Yuan Shuai delivered a passionate speech on behalf of central control. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to Zhonghong group for its full support at the exchange meeting, and warmly welcomed all user enterprises to visit and guide. Subsequently, he made a brief report on the development history, recent development overview and business system of central control. Then, Lima Yuefeng, who recorded the tear along the long axis, introduced the application of central control optimization control in the production process of coking industry, that is, the advanced control solution of central control coking industry covering the whole life cycle, such as scheme research, product development, engineering implementation, after-sales service, etc. Then, Yang Jianbo, an expert in the optimization of gas collector pressure in the optimization control division of central control technology company, made an in-depth elaboration on the control principle, optimization control difficulties and implementation methods, cost-benefit analysis, application, etc. of the optimization product gas collector pressure optimization control in the coking industry, the coke oven cart interlocking management system and the coke oven heating optimization management system

at the meeting, Niu Xin, deputy chief engineer of Zhonghong group, made a warm speech. He summarized the implementation and optimization effect of the advanced pressure control of the gas collector in the whole plant. He said that since it was put into operation in August this year, the effect of gas collector pressure optimization control technology has been obvious, and the coke oven environment has been greatly improved; The oxygen content of cold blast gas is significantly reduced, ensuring production safety; Its fully automatic operation greatly reduces the labor intensity of operators. It has been well reflected in energy conservation, consumption reduction and capacity improvement. It is hoped that in the future, there will be deeper cooperation with central control in optimizing energy-saving technology, and it is also hoped that more users in the coking industry can participate

on April 26, another round of Beijing car lottery results were announced. In order to better and more in-depth let users experience the application of central control products on the site, at 2 p.m., all participants rushed to Zhonghong group to visit the advanced control room of gas collector pressure. At the scene of the control room, everyone asked questions about the advanced control technology of gas collector pressure with great interest. Central control technology cultivated Liu Shuanggang, deputy director of advanced control technology of the optimization control division of more than 8 international first-rate large enterprises and large group technology companies, and Yang Jianbo interacted with users. So far, the advanced control technology exchange meeting of coking industry has been successfully concluded

the successful holding of this exchange conference has well demonstrated the successful application results of advanced control products in the coking industry of central control, and its optimization technology has been deeply communicated and comprehensively shared with users, laying a solid foundation for the business expansion of the optimization service products of central control, especially the optimization technology in the coking industry

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