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Recently, Deng Yali, Secretary General of the industrial association, revealed that the price of raw materials has risen: plastic doors and windows and aluminum doors and windows calibrated according to the rules of instrument use are facing a test. Entrusted by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the association is discussing and formulating the entry conditions for the tire industry, which are expected to be introduced by the end of this year

the number of Enterprises above Designated Size in the domestic tire industry is about 400. However, in addition to the world's dominant total output, the grade, quality and production scale of Chinese tires are far from those of the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries

in view of this situation, some domestic tire enterprises suggest: improve the industry standard of domestic tire production; The state uses special funds to support the R & D and brand building of enterprises; Support domestic tire enterprises to expand overseas; Increase the export tax rebate rate of tires and reduce the import tariff of rubber; The domestic complete vehicle is mainly equipped with national tire brands to expand the demand of the domestic market

at present, the rubber industry association is discussing and formulating the entry conditions for the tire industry. Deng Yali said that the pace of formulating industrial structure adjustment should be accelerated, especially after the tire special protection case

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