Mother of Black man fatally shot by police in Mont

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Mother of Black man fatally shot by police in Montreal suburb blames racism for his death | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The family of a?RepentignyCanada-wide recreational travel, Que., man?who died after police shot him three times in the stomach on Sunday?are blaming anti-Black racism in the city’s police force?for his death and are demanding justice.

Marie-Mireille Bence, the mother of the victim, called police Sunday morningThe shortest, starting June 1 and aiming to be completed b?asking them to bring her son, Jean René Junior Olivier, 37, to the hospital because?he was having a mental health issue.

“He told me he was?seeing people around him, people wanting to hurt him,” Bence told reporters?alongside her family at a news?conference Monday afternoon.

Instead of helping him, Bence said, six police officers arrived at her doorstep and shot him in the stomach. When police arrived, he had been holding a dinner knifefor example, but the family said?he had dropped it.

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